Truck Crew

A truck crew was organized in 1937, which was known as the Fleetwood Volunteer Fire Company Truck Crew. The President was LeRoy Oswald: Secretary, William Merkel. Other officers were elected at a later date. This crew was the firefighting force in Fleetwood.

In July 1974, twenty-five new home monitors were purchased at a cost of $3,947. Then in August of 1975, with the donation of $9,270, the first pagers for the company were purchased, the money being donated by the Fleetwood Council Community Organization (F.C.C.O). Currently, each fire and EMS person is issued a fire and/or EMS pager.

The Fleetwood Volunteer Fire Company Truck Crew is a group of men and women formed to do the firefighting, rescue and EMS services for Fleetwood and surrounding areas. There are approximately 70 active members in the crew, and all of them deserve a great deal of credit for the service they render. All these men and women have gone through extensive training in fire suppression, auto extrication, general rescue, EMS (first aid), hazardous materials, aerial operations, and fire police duties.

The Fleetwood Volunteer Fire Truck Crew also takes pride in being active in the community by sponsoring the annual Easter egg-hunt, assisting in traffic control during special events, funding local youth teams, assisting with the Prom Night Out program, DARE, and providing fire prevention programs at the local schools.

In addition to the training and serving the community during emergencies, the truck crew is also responsible for fund raising to ensure adequate funds are available to maintain the apparatus and purchase the necessary equipment. These fund raisers include: Easter Flower sale, The Memorial Day car show and the firemen’s carnival which are both held in the Fleetwood Park, the ambulance chicken BBQ and golf tournament, as well as the semi-annual basket bingo and $20 ticket raffles. Also, we have started a pilot program to raise funds by doing youth birthday parties at our station. These events, as well as the generous support from the Fleetwood Borough Council, the local businesses, and the people of Fleetwood ensure we have adequate monies to fund our operation.

Recently we have expanded our membership roster to include 14 year-olds as junior members and we also host a Boy Scout explorer program to introduce these youths to fire, rescue and EMS training.