Fleetwood Churches, A Part Of Our History!

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Community Baptist Church

Built: 1968. This church was once used by the Fleetwood Missionary Church. Click to Read More

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Emmanuel United Methodist Church

In 1796, Jacob Albright, founder of the Evangelical Church, began to preach the gospel, first to friends, then in an ever-widening circuit. In 1800 he and his followers, known as “The Albrights,” united to form the Christian Society. At the first General Conference in 1816, the name- The Evangelical Association-was adopted. By 1843 membership had reached approximately 15,000 served by approximately three hundred preachers including one hundred who were itinerants, traveling preachers. In 1840 a small unorganized group of Christian believers met at regular intervals for worship in the home of Mr. George Heydt on Poplar Street in Cox town. The traveling preachers from the Milford Circuit began to minister at the meetings in the Heydt home. Click to Read More

Faith Bible Fellowship Church

Faith Bible Fellowship Church, formerly known as the Mennonite Brethren in Christ Church, can trace its history to the time when the great religious Reformation was spreading throughout Europe. The term Mennonite stems from the name of a man born in Holland in 1496, Menno Simons. He was one of the early reformers, a student of Latin, Greek, and the Scriptures. During the Reformation he lived a life of poverty, constantly threatened with imprisonment, persecution and death. At the same time his was a life of loyalty to his spiritual convictions, of service to his fellow men, and of peace with God. Because of Menno Simons’ commitment to his Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, he had many followers—the Mennonites. Click to Read More

First Assembly of God Church

First Assembly of God Church was started in 1950 in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Buck. Wayne Strausser became the first pastor and services were held in the old Mennonite Church building on Elm Street which the group purchased. Later, a site was chosen on the southwest corner of Arch and Chestnut Streets. Click to Read More

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Fleetwood Bible Church

Original church on right, expansion on left built in 1968. Today the church is the Community Baptist Church. The original church on the right has been razed. The Fleetwood Missionary Church(now called the Fleetwood Bible Church) moved to a new location in the 1990s. That church is next on our tour. Our final church on our tour will be the Community Baptist Church. Click to Read More

Fleetwood Missionary Church

One of the earliest churches, the Fleetwood Missionary Church, formerly Independent Church of God, on North Richmond Street, was organized on September 2, 1870, for the express purpose of worshipping God according to the directions of the New Testament. Daniel Koch and his associates built the first structure. The first Board of Trustees included Daniel Koch, Jonas Ebert, and Jonathan Kutz. Click to Read More

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Seventh-Day Adventist Church

It is from the belief in the return of Christ, the second advent, that the word Adventist is derived. The words Seventh-Day which complete the church name, stem from observance of the seventh day of the week as the Sabbath according to the fourth commandment (Exodus 20: 8-11). Click to Read More

St. Paul’s Chapel

At a public meeting held in August, 1883, a movement was begun to erect a Chapel in the community. On a plot of ground on North Franklin Street donated by George Sholl, a brick edifice, costing $7000, forty by seventy feet, and crowned with a steeple more than one hundred feet high with a bell weighing 2,034 pounds was erected. The cornerstone was laid on September 28, 1883, and the Chapel was dedicated in October, 1884, “for the use of any denomination professing the teachings of Christ and His followers, on proper consent obtained from the board of trustees controlling the house.” Click to Read More

St. Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran Church

On January 21, 1923, the congregation decided, by a rising vote, to organize a Luther League. Devotional meetings and fellowship nights were conducted but groundwork was also laid to support a future building program. Click to Read More

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St. Paul’s United Church of Christ (UCC)

During the pastorate of Reverend Jacob B. Landis, the Reformed congregation was granted a charter and adopted its own constitution on February 15, 1919. A parsonage at 121 West Arch Street was purchased. Reverend Landis initiated: use of duplex envelopes; observance of the communion service four times during the church year; observance of the rite of Confirmation annually; establishment of a building fund. Click to Read More

St. Paul’s Union Church

By 1840 a movement began among some of the residents of Coxtown and vicinity, including parts of Richmond, Maidencreek, and Ruscombmanor Townships, to build a conveniently located church. One of the nearest was St. Peter’s, four miles northwest on the crest of a hill overlooking the village of Coxtown in the valley below. Benjamin Hoch sold the group two acres of land, midway between Cox­town and Walnuttown, in 1841, for the sum of forty dollars. Here the erection of a Union Church, a plain stone edifice, for the use of the Reformed and the Lutheran Congregations was begun. Click to Read More