Fleetwood’s History of their Schools!

Fleetwood Elementary School Closing and Willow Creek Opening

Fleetwood High School History

The original high school building was located on West Arch Street. It was built in 1877 for about $4,000. Several additions were made in 1908, 1915 and 1955. In 1968 students entered a new high school building at 409 North Richmond Street.

Over the next thirty years the district and student population continued to grow, and there was a need for more space on all levels. To make room for this, as well as future growth, a new high school was built at 801 North Richmond Street and was dedicated on October 4, 1998. Click to Read More

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Fleetwood Middle School History

The middle school, organized in 1966 – 67 with grades 6, 7, and 8, began its initial operation as a separate unit in September 1967, sharing the old school on Arch Street with the high school (grades 9 – 12), on a temporary split-session occupancy schedule. In February 1968, with the completion of the new high school building on North Richmond Street, grades 9 – 12 moved out and our middle school became the sole occupant of the then designed Fleetwood Area Middle School building on Arch Street. Click to Read More

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Fleetwood Elementary School History

Fleetwood Elementary School is located at 109 West Vine Street. The original building was constructed in 1957 following an agreement that was signed by the Fleetwood School District to create the Fleetwood Joint Junior-High School. It was agreed that each of the districts would provide provisions for their elementary students. Fleetwood Elementary original structure contained nine classrooms, a kindergarten, and a multi-purpose room. Eight full time teachers and three part time teachers served the 1957 student population. Click to Read More

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Richmond Elementary School History

Richmond Elementary School is located east of Moselem Springs on the south side of Route 222. Students from eight one-room schools; Virginville, St. Peter’s, Kempsville, Kirbyville, Moselem Church, Schaeffer’s, Stone Lane, and Walnuttown entered the original eight room structure on October 31, 1955.

The first major renovations to Richmond occurred in 1972. A large “open space” area, a library, and faculty room were added to the building to accommodate increasing enrollments. During the 1980’s Fleetwood continued to experience rapid growth. In 1992-93 four classrooms and two special area rooms were added to the structure and major renovations were made to existing classrooms and office areas. The current building now has 11 classrooms, a music room, an art room, a computer lab, and a reading nook adjoining the existing library. Click to Read More

Andrew Maier Elementary School History

Andrew Maier Elementary School was named in honor of Andrew Maier, a Reading baker who donated the land on which the school was built.

The original building was erected in 1951. The first major renovations to the school occurred in 1973, including an “open space” area, a library, and a multi-purpose room. In 1992, Andrew Maier Elementary School received a major overhaul, including a new gymnasium, computer lab, art and music rooms, as well as ten new classrooms. Click to Read More