Richard Gow Sketches

Richard Gow Sketches Are Quite A Glimpse Into The Past

Richard A. Gow works in a variety of styles and mediums; from full color pieces in acrylic paint or oil to black and white renderings in pen and ink or pencil. All done from Darwin’s Beak studio in Fleetwood.

He is a graduate of the Hussian School of Art in Philadelphia, where he studied life drawings, paintings, graphic design, illustration and print making.

After graduating, he served for four years as Art Director of an art and glass studio, designing and executing decorative glass. His work involved traditional leaded stained glass, etching and glass carving.

In 1992, he was invited to attend the Barns Foundation, expanding his knowledge and understanding of the traditions of art. By observing the works of past masters, he embraced many techniques and styles, which are visible in his paintings and illustrations.

Working from old pictures and present day observations, Richard created the following sketches which were published in the Historical Society’s 1998 calendar, which he has graciously allowed the Society to reproduce. We are indeed, grateful.