Brief History of the Fleetwood Volunteer Fire Company No. 1

Firefighting in the early history of our borough was mainly without much organization and fires were usually fought by bucket brigades. For a number of years A. P. Merkel served as chief in the event that a fire broke out and they used a Neversink Hand Fire Engine purchased for $100 in 1878. This procedure was followed until the citizens had an organized volunteer fire-fighting group. At a meeting of the board of trade on July 31,1914, a committee of three was appointed to arrange for a meeting to organize a fire company. The committee was comprised of the following people: Calvin Miller, George A. Knoll and Samuel H. Rothermel. This committee then held a public meeting on August 7, 1914, in the town hall where Calvin Miller was appointed temporary chairman, and Samuel H. Rothermel, temporary secretary. Charles Madeira, Oliver B. Wanner and Samuel H. Rothermel were appointed to solicit subscriptions. The membership fee was fixed at $1.00 a year.