Fire Company Building Erected

The company purchased a lot on the corner of Washington and Franklin Streets in the Borough of Fleetwood and plans were made to erect a firemen’s headquarters, which was to include a spacious lobby and auditorium, and meeting rooms for the Borough Council meetings. The plans were made reality in 1928, when a building was erected at a cost of $65,000. The auditorium and the lobby have been the meeting places for many civic groups since that time. In 1925, a Seagrave Truck was bought at a cost of $12,500.00 and housing ceremonies were held at that time.

Due to the additional equipment the need for adequate housing of all the apparatus became necessary. Renovations to the original building were not feasible; as a result the Schlegel Building was purchased. The spaciousness of that building allowed for housing all the fire fighting equipment. The old engine room was used to house the ambulance and first aid section of the truck crew.

After outgrowing that building, a new building was needed and groundbreaking ceremonies for a new fire station were held on June 23, 1981 and actual construction began in August of that year. The cost of the new building was $226,000, which was offset greatly with the help from community volunteer trades people doing some of the work. The building consists of an apparatus bay, ambulance bay, meeting room, kitchen, dayroom, officers and men’s and ladies’ bunkrooms with separate bathrooms.