The Fleetwood Volunteer Fire Company Truck Crew takes great pride in the equipment and strives to maintain state-of-the art equipment at all times. This equipment includes a thermal imaging camera, the “Jaws-of-Life” Hurst rescue equipment, and the newest firefighting gear and air packs with integrated personal safety devices. The current fleet consists of:

1. Tower Platform – A 2004 LTI 100’ mid-mount with a 2000 gpm pump, 4 pre-connected hand lines, 800’ of 5” supply hose, and a 10KW generator, and 350 gallons of water.

2. Pumper – 1996 Luverne / Freightliner with 2000’ 5” hose, 6 pre-connects, 1000 gallon tank, and a 1250 pump.

3. Rescue – A 1999 Amtech / Freightliner 14KW generator, pre-connected Hurst tools, a portable Hurst unit, rescue airbags, a 6000 watt light tower, and it is a state certified QRS unit with limited transport capability.

4. Haz-Mat Trailer – Part of the Berks County Haz Mat task force. This trailer has 500 gallons of foam and other supplies needed in case of a large hazardous material incident in the county.

5. Utility Truck– a 1992 Chevy 1 ton pick-up truck used as a utility truck and tows the Haz-Mat trailer. Also used for fire police details and as a personnel transport.

6. Ambulances: 2003 and a 1996 Horton box ambulances, equipped with the most state of the art equipment including AED’s . We are anticipating the arrival of a Ford F450 / Horton 4×4 ambulance in the next few weeks to replace the 1996 unit.

7. Specialty Cart: A Cushman golf cart equipped to carry one patient on a litter. Used for EMS standbys and special events.